Monday, March 8, 2010

List Item #2: Celebrity Goat Dairy

List Item #1: Celebrity Dairy Open Barn (
Location: Siler City, NC
Date: 3/7/10
Cost: $12.50
Results: Adorable

This weekend my friends Grady, Kim and Xandi and I visited Celebrity Goat Dairy for their Open Barn. We met at Kim's house for lunch before heading out for Siler City, and headed out at about 1 pm. The drive was beautiful, we passed Jordan Lake and commented on the relative insanity of those boaters who were racing around the lake in 50 degree weather as if it were actually warm outside and not just "warm compared to last week."
The trip took about an hour since we left from Kim's house, and was a pretty straight shot. We pulled up to the Dairy at about 2 pm and it was PACKED. We parked on the long drive and walked up towards the barn. There was a large pen packed with chickens and some children were looking at them and throwing bread to them.

The barn was behind the main dairy house, which is also a bed and breakfast. We, of course, made a bee-line for the baby goats. There were some that were about two weeks old, according to the farm workers who were taking questions.

And then some TINY babies that were less than a week old. These guys had a heat lamp in their pen, but clearly preferred to take advantage of the sunny day.

Kim and I got to hold one of the babies, they called him "Teeny" and said he was born on March 1, making him 6 days old. He grunted and bleated a little when we held him.

Grady and Xandi were interested to see that the baby goats had been given a jungle gym to climb around.

Inside the B&B part of the Dairy, they were selling fresh eggs, chevre logs and some jam, I picked up some fig preserves and some peach jam.

There was a peacock on the farm.

We thought he was going to display his plumage.

But then he just lay down and lounged in the sun. Can't say I blame him.

Overall it was a lovely trip with some lovely friends. I wish that I had bought some eggs, but c'est la vie.

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